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Five – a start-up with (more than one) difference

Like all start-ups, Five began with one person, with an innovative and creative idea and the motivation and drive to make it happen. However, Five is not your typical start-up company.

Five – a start-up with experience

The founder and CEO of Five – Mark Kefford – is a serial software entrepreneur. He has conceived of and created multiple successful software start-ups, and has experience transforming new and innovative ideas into effective organizations.

Five – a start-up with resources

Especially in software, a company is only as good as its people. Five is self-funded by our own founder and CEO and we quickly built up a team of seasoned software professionals to support our growth. Sharing the drive to simplify software development, our team is dedicated to our vision and mission.

Five – a start-up catering to business clients

Five caters to professionals, whether these are business users, software engineers or leaders tasked with the digital transformation of their business. Our software provides enterprise-level characteristics that let you build at the speed and agility you need to create software that is secure, reliable, high-performing and meets your unique business requirements.

Five – a start-up that is international

Finally, Five is already international, having offices located in Australia and Hong Kong.

Five – a start-up with a unique solution & approach

We have chosen a truly unique approach to building Five: Five is an application built in itself! We have full faith in our software and are building Five using Five. This matters because it shows just how powerful Five is!

Our Mission

Five was born in the cloud and can be delivered fully on the cloud, giving you reliability, uptime and scale. Yet our tech stack doesn’t compromise on flexibility when it comes to deployment. Whether your organization requires public or private cloud, or even an on-premise deployment: Five leaves the choice to you. On top delivering highly reliable applications, our tech stack ensures highest performance of execution.

Five main features

Speed of Development

We speed up your software development processes. Providing pre-built application components that can be easily used, Five lets you create software applications quickly. Yet, speed of development does not come at the cost of application complexity. That’s why we support all tiers of coding.

All Tiers of Coding

We love code and provide you with choice: work in no code, low code or full code, depending on your level of proficiency. Create your application your way and easily switch between tiers in the same application. Focus on what’s critical to your business, while also benefiting from having security built in from the start.

Security of environment

Five provides a secure application development environment. As an application platform as a service (aPaaS) specifically designed for enterprises, we know that security is a critical feature of any application. That’s why we’ve made security part of our mission from day one. On top of this, you will benefit from the reliability of our cloud-native software.

Reliability of application

Five was born in the cloud and can be delivered fully on the cloud, giving you reliability, uptime and scale. Yet our tech stack doesn’t compromise on flexibility when it comes to deployment. Whether your organization requires public or private cloud, or even an on-premise deployment: Five leaves the choice to you. All of this taken together, gives you full performance of execution.

Performance of execution

Execute your software development projects with the highest performance by leveraging Five’s cloud-native online environment for application development. Running on any browser and on any device, Five supports highest performance throughout the entire software development process: from building, to testing, to deployment, management and iteration.

Our Team

Five currently consists of a team of experienced staff located across Australia and Hong Kong, united by a passion for building dynamic software that empowers tech-minded professionals to build better software faster.

Five CEO - Mark

Founder / CEO

Mark has over 40 years of experience in the software industry 35 of which he has been running his own companies. He is a serial software entrepreneur having created multiple start-ups that have gone on to become successful global companies the last one having 9 offices and the software running in 90+ countries. Having previously developed software across multiple platforms, industries and countries, Five is Mark’s vision to automate most of the development process while still enabling full code development when necessary.

Not only an entrepreneur, Mark also gives back to the community through his other company dZine Limited. dZine creates web sites and provides marketing, hosting and SEO services at no cost for charitable organizations.

Five CTO - Jason

Chief Technology Officer

Jason has been working in the IT industry for around 26 years across a number of different industries ranging from security work, 2D and 3D graphics programming, IoT and full stack development. For over 20 of those years Jason has worked closely with Mark through each start up company and was the first to join Five. Jason’s knowledge of technology and his depth of experience has enabled Five to use the latest full stack technology to provide the best of breed in software engineering. Jason loves the art of programming and Five is living proof of that dedication.

Five CBDO - Dominik

Chief Business Development Officer

Prior to joining Five, Dominik worked at a quickly growing, publicly listed software company valued at US1.5bn when it was taken over by a large French industrial company in 2020. In his role as Senior Vice President, Dominik was in charge of business development and strategy, actively promoting the company to key accounts, building partnerships with technology companies, such as Microsoft, and forming joint ventures with industry. He further oversaw the company’s transformation from a license to a SaaS company, establishing the company’s cloud strategy.

Dominik further served on the board of various software and technology companies, such as a publicly listed software company in India; an emerging tech company with offices in New York and South Africa; a joint venture e-commerce start-up in Germany and a software company in Hong Kong.

Five Product Manager - Julian

Product Manager

With over 20 years of delivering positive commercial outcomes across technical, product, and marketing, Julian has a firm focus on ensuring software products solve business problems. He started his career as a programmer and worked in this field for 10 years before transitioning into product management. During his time as a programmer, he developed software using Delphi, JavaScript and PHP, delivering digital transformations and new solutions. He brings over 10 years' experience in product management for B2B customers and is driven to ensure products are delivered to maximise adoption and retention. He attained an MBA from the University of Queensland in 2017, graduating with Dean's recommendation.

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