Low-Code Application Development In 1 Minute

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Dominik Keller
Aug 30th, 2022

Low-Code Application Development In 1 Minute ⚡

Time is of the essence. Especially in custom application development!

Low-Code Application Development

Here’s a one-minute video (56 seconds to be precise) video introducing Five and how it helps software engineers in accelerating the delivery of custom business applications.


Low-Code Application Development (56 secs)

Watch the full video on how Five helps with building & deploying device-independent, full-stack business applications faster here ⬇️


In a nutshell, Five lets you:

✅ develop & deploy applications in low-code, meaning you can mix pre-built elements with full code;

✅ write JavaScript, TypeScript, or SQL right inside Five;

✅ deploy containerized applications to development, testing, or production in a single click;

✅build responsive applications that run in any browser and on any device.

With Five, you never have to worry about being limited by what’s available out-of-the-box: simply add custom code where necessary!

For more videos about low-code application development using Five, check out our YouTube channel here or sign up for a free trial on https://five.co! You can also find useful documentation and a get-started guide on our documentation website help.five.org.

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