Front-End Development: Build Device-Independent Web Apps

Develop & Deploy Device-Independent Web Apps

Applications built with Five are web applications that run on any device: desktop, tablet, or mobile. As long as a device has a web browser, web apps built with Five are accessible without a glitch.
Web apps are cross-platform. They are the best choice for applications that are supposed to run on all operating systems, such as iOS and Android. They are also cheaper to distribute, as they do not need to be published through app stores. This saves developers from building multiple mobile apps in different programming languages. Instead, development teams can build an entire app by creating and maintaining just one codebase from inside Five.


Applications build with Five are responsive web applications that run in any browser.


Responsive design ensures that the view that end-users get is optimized for their device.


Application themes are customizable through point-and-click or CSS.

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Create Multiple Application Instances And Assign Unique Themes

Create Multiple Application Instances And Assign Unique Themes

Often, developers need to create multiple application instances in order to serve different users, departments, or companies. That’s where Five’s application instances come in extremely handy.
Software developers can create as many application instances as required. Each instance can be spun up onto its own dedicated infrastructure and development, testing, and production environment. Inside Five, software developers can also apply unique themes or assign unique email settings to each application instance. This means that developers only need to maintain one codebase to support users from different companies or departments. And even though it’s all the same codebase, each application instance looks different.

App Development With Material-UI

App Development With Material-UI

Applications built with Five use Material-UI, a design language developed by Google. Material is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support best practices of user interface (UI) design for web applications.
Inside Five, software developers can apply a theme to an end-user application. Themes can be created very quickly in point-and-click. Simply select an element inside an end-user application and assign a color, gradient, or font. More experienced web developers can customize application themes in raw CSS. Here borders, margins, and padding can be made pixel-perfect. Five even provides theme templates, which can further accelerate the app development process.

Responsive UI Out Of The Box

Responsive UI Out Of The Box

Unlike other application builders, Five makes front-end development extremely easy. Five provides software developers with an end-user application layout, perfectly suited for business applications or internal tools. Instead of having to think about how to arrange application components in the best way, Five takes the heavy lifting of front-end development off developers’ shoulders. This ensures consistent design across all applications built with Five and provides guardrails for front-end development teams. However, this does not translate into a lack of flexibility. In order to design dashboards, developers can define grid-based layouts inside an end-user application. For forms, developers can adjust the layout of their form in a drag-and-drop form designer. Five gives developers a tried-and-tested application layout, in which they can rapidly build highly-customized applications based on end-user requirements.

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