Five Reasons To Choose Five For Application Development

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Simone Leckning
May 12th, 2022

Application Development With Five

If you have ever started wondering “Which low-code solutions is right for me?“, here are five things you should know about our low-code environment Five to make your choice easier.

1. Use Full Code Almost Anywhere

Five allows you to code your app your way. Want to code in JS? No problem. Or write a SQL query? You’re welcome. With Five, you never hit the no-code brick wall. Just the opposite: you are free to use your coding superpowers whenever you choose to.

2. Collaborative Development and Auditability

Software engineering is a team sport. That’s why inside Five, teams of developers can work on the same application with no issues. Five is an in-browser integrated development environment (IDE). Even better: you get a full audit trail of all application changes, including the user and time stamp.

Low code performance3. Build Your Own Extensions or Use Libraries

Five allows the use of plugins to extend and integrate into existing and future environments.

Server-based plugins can be written to extend Five’s abilities and to integrate with other environments or consume data provided by external services. These server-side plugins can be written in any language. You can also use plugins to extend the user interface (UI). UI plugins can be written in JavaScript, TypeScript or C# via WebAssembly.

You can even build and call out a library of your own components to speed up your teams development.

4. Unmatched Project Complexity

Five is designed to not only let you develop & deploy simple applications, but to let you create complex projects. What’s the proof, you might ask. We are building Five in itself, showing that Five can satisfy even the most complex use cases. We trust our platform to build itself, so you can trust in Five for your next software development project.

5. Build Once, Run Anywhere

Applications development with Five run anywhere: they are device-independent thanks to responsive design, and infrastructure-agnostic thanks to Kubernetes. You can even run applications on-premise. Apps developed with Five are containerized, scalable, portable and resilient out of the box. You’re free to scale to any size without redesign.

Overall, Five reduces the overall time and effort that it takes to build, deploy and adapt web applications. We are building Five based on the latest technologies and thinking in software engineering. With it, developers can deliver scalable, high-performance web applications in record time.

TL; DR: Five Reasons To Choose Five For Application Development

Five is a low-code development environment built by developers for developers. With Five, developers can create device-independent, full-stack web applications faster. Here are five reasons for choosing Five for application development:

  • Unlike other platforms, Five makes it easy to use full code almost anywhere.
  • Developers can work collaboratively on the same app.
  • You can extend the Five functionality through plug-ins and libraries.
  • Apps of almost any complexity can be build using Five.
  • Through the use of Kubernetes and containers, you can scale apps to any size without redesign.

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