Five for Software Engineers

Deliver innovative software solutions quickly and with ease

Enjoy the flexibility of working in all tiers of coding, from no code, to low code to full code. In Five, applications can be built, tested, deployed, managed and iterated on a cutting-edge tech stack that uses the latest and most advanced technologies available.

  • Kickstart the creation of flexible, innovative and customized solutions without needing to start from scratch.
  • Harness the advantages of all tiers of coding to optimize and boost application development
  • Adjust, adapt, and improve applications without having to rebuild.
  • Spend less time keeping the lights on, and more time writing revolutionary software.
  • Worry less with DevOps built-in to the platform

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Why more lines of code don’t necessarily make for better software

Dominik Keller Oct 30th, 2020

Software development is a complex process that involves writing thousands, if not millions of lines of code by a team of developers. InformationIsBeautiful.Net, a website that publishes data visualization, shows...


Digital transformation – breaking down the buzzword

Simone Kefford Oct 23rd, 2020

What is digital transformation Digital transformation can be a frustrating term, and it is overused and confusing. However, it is important as the concept underneath can increase business value and...


Three reasons an application platform is critical to your organization’s speed of software development

Dominik Keller Oct 16th, 2020

In a world that is increasingly digital, organizations must not only deliver their products and services to their customers, but they must also excel in software development. The role (and...

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