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Global Low-Code Hackathon 2023

It’s free to participate! Sign up today to secure your spot.

Build your best web app using Five, a low-code development environment for software engineers. Win a total of more than US$9,000 in prizes. Plus, all valid submissions get a certificate of completion and the chance to win an iPhone 14.

Five hackathon visual
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Low-Code Hackathon Winners 2023

Congratulations to all our hackathon winners!
Grand Prize Winner
Rui Qin Ng & Jia Hwee Wong (Singapore)

A budgeting application that allows the user to conveniently associate transactions with all of their bank accounts and cards so that they can manage their finances better and budget for their future.

Five hackathon visual
Five hackathon visual
Runner Up 1
Anderson Osayerie
Runner Up 2
Nebiyu Elias
Runner Up 3
Rajeev R Sharma
Runner Up 4
Shweta Kale
Runner Up 5
Abu Bakr Siddique
iPhone Lucky Draw Winner
Toshinaro Tong

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Our 2023 Hackathon has ended.
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    Rewards & Prizes

    Winner:  US$5,555

    5 Runner-Ups Each:  US$555

    All participants with a valid submission get the chance to win an iPhone 14!

    Time Remaining
    The event has ended.
    Hackathon Duration

    May 05, 2023 – Jun 09, 2023

    Who Can Participate?

    The hackathon is open to all with an interest in coding (except current employees of Five). Beginners and experts are encouraged to join.

    All you need to participate is a computer, code, and creativity!

    Why Participate?

    Dive into low-code and show off your application development skills.

    Compete against the best & brightest developers worldwide and put your JavaScript, TypeScript and SQL skills to the test. Use Five to turn your application development idea into a winning hackathon submission!

    Judging Criteria

    Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

    • How useful is your application to solve real-world problems?
    • How well did you use Five’s application development features?
    • Code: how well did you use SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript or CSS to extend your application beyond Five’s out-of-the-box features?

    How To Submit:

    Please make sure to read the submission guidelines below carefully, as only valid submissions are eligible for the cash prizes and iPhone lucky draw!

    You can submit in one of three ways:

    • Record a YouTube demo (5 to 8 minutes).
    • Write a Medium article.
    • Email your submission to us.

    For more details on how to submit, keep on reading below!

    How To Submit

    Select one of three ways to submit your application to us. Make sure to read this blog post on how to win a hackathon before you submit!


    1. YouTube Video (Recommended)

    Upload a demo video of your application (5 to 8 minutes) to YouTube. The video title should be “Five Hackathon 2023: ˂submission name˃“.

    Share the YouTube link by emailing us:
    Make sure to tag @five_co in your video description on YouTube!


    Share your video on Twitter and tag @FiveDotCo so we can spread the love!


    2. Medium Article

    Write an article about your application on Medium. The article title should be “Five Hackathon 2023: ˂submission name˃“.

    Share the Medium link by emailing us:
    Make sure to tag @dom_five in your Medium article!


    Share your article on Twitter and tag @FiveDotCo so we can spread the love!


    3. Twitter or Email

    If you don’t have a YouTube or Medium account, feel free to publish your submission on your own website or blog. The article title should be “Five Hackathon 2023: ˂submission name˃“.

    Email your submission to or share your article on Twitter and tag @FiveDotCo

    Application Development Ideas

    Not sure about what you can build with Five? Here are some ideas for your hackathon submission:


    1. Business Applications

    Create the best business application with Five, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, content management systems (CMS), inventory management systems, event planning apps, or human resource management systems.


    2. CRUD Applications. And Beyond.

    Build a CRUD application and make use of Five’s granular permissions, privileges, and access rights. Define who gets access to what data and create your own CRUD frontend on a MySQL database. Add in-app or email notifications to make your app more interactive.


    3. Data & Dashboards

    Visualize your data by creating charts and dashboards inside of Five. For example, build an order tracking app and visualize monthly orders or total sales using Five’s pre-built charts. Put charts and reports into dashboards by defining a custom grid.


    4. Surprise Us!

    Inside of Five, you can write JavaScript or TypeScript functions and attach them to events. Surprise us with your coding skills to build something truly out-of-the-box!

    To get more inspiration, check out our demo on YouTube!

    Please note that uploading any submission constitutes the entrant’s consent to give Five a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display such submissions in whole or in part, on a worldwide basis, and to incorporate it into other works, in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, including for promotional or marketing purposes. Contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law or regulation. Other terms & conditions apply.

    Thank you for registering for our hackathon!

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