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Five-Managed Hosting Explained

Five puts you in charge of choosing the right cloud resources to support your application. Inside Five, you can right-size your single-tenant infrastructure to maximise your application performance at the lowest cost.

Data privacy
Five is using dedicated (single-tenant) hosting, meaning you or your client’s data will never be commingled with others.
High availability & redundancy
Inside Five, you can choose the underlying Virtual Machine (VM) for your production tier to optimize cost and performance.
Applications created with Five have the ability to scale horizontally and vertically. Applications are architected to run in containers that are managed using Kubernetes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Five?
Five is a development environment for developing and deploying device-independent, business web applications faster. Five is built by developers for developers.
How do I start using Five?
The best place to start using Five is by downloading the Five development environment. Once downloaded, you can start building applications. You can find useful guidance and how-to’s on
What kind of applications does Five build?
Applications created with Five are device-independent web applications, i.e. they can be accessed from any device’s browser (mobile, tablet or desktop).
I don’t know how to code. Should I use Five?
Five is primarily made for software engineers, who know (and love) code. However, non-technical users with a sense of curiosity and desire to learn can also built apps on top of Five. We’d recommend a basic understanding of SQL before getting started with Five.
Do you have examples of use cases?
Yes: you can check out our customer case studies right here. Five is a great tool for building safe, reliable and highly-performant business applications.
Why do I have to pay for hosting of my application and a developer subscription?
We believe that pricing should be transparent. That’s why we let you select the size of your infrastructure, to make sure can you right-size it for your applications’ needs. This gives you full control over the cost of running your application.

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