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Business Logic

Create Your Own Application Logic

Streamline processes, automate tasks, or accelerate data entry. Elegantly solve unique business needs by writing functions, creating processes, scheduling jobs, firing events, calculating fields or triggering notifications. Build your next mission-critical data management application with Five.


Process data, schedule jobs, or let end-user events define your logic. Use Five’s pre-built features to create processes, jobs and workflows.


Don’t be limited by visual logic builders. Write JavaScript or TypeScript to extend, customize and integrate your applications.


Fix bugs and interpret code with AI straight inside Five’s code editor.

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Events, Processes, Jobs, Notifications

Model even the most complex processes using Five’s events, processes, jobs or notifications.

  • Attach custom code to events
  • Fire events based on end-users’ actions
  • Create client- or server-side functions
  • Create processes to automate workflows
  • Use jobs to run time-based tasks
  • Set up in-app or email notifications for end-users
Events, Processes, Jobs, Notifications

Write JavaScript or TypeScript Functions

Write functions straight inside Five’s code editor. No external IDE required.

  • Never be limited by what’s available out of the box
  • Write functions the way you would in your IDE
  • Get access to powerful scripting features
  • Easily create calculated fields
  • Conveniently group code into reusable blocks
  • Extend applications with code written in JavaScript or TypeScript
Write JavaScript or TypeScript Functions

Interpret and Debug Code with AI

Use Artificial Intelligence to accelerate your development.

  • Let AI interpret your code
  • Find and fix bugs faster with AI
  • Get guided by Five’s AI Assistant
Interpret and Debug Code with AI
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