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Five’s Features

All the Features You Need to Rapidly Build Modern,
Data-Driven Business Applications

Rapidly Build and Deploy Modern Cloud Applications for Your Business


Develop applications in Five's cloud-based development environment. Get started for free.


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Effortlessly deploy applications to a secure and highly scalable cloud infrastructure for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

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Five Features Data

Store, Retrieve and Process Data from Any Data Source

Build modern web applications on any data sources. Create your own relational database, using Five’s built-in MySQL database. Use SQL to query your data and create charts, dashboards, and reports.

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Create a MySQL Database Visually

Easily create a MySQL database using Five’s visual database builder. Create database tables, fields, primary & foreign keys, and relationships in a few clicks. Eliminate spreadsheets and go for a scalable, purpose-built online database instead.

Build on Any Data Source

Build applications on multiple data sources. Five can directly connect to any external, relational database (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite), RESTful API endpoint to send, transform, or extract data.

Query Data in SQL

Write SELECT, JOIN, and UNION statements in the same way you would in a database management tool. Or build queries visually using Five’s query builder. Query data from one or more tables or external sources.

“Five is a rapid, robust way to take spreadsheet-based business processes, and replace them with better validated forms for data collection.”

– Philip Antrobus

“Five is an excellent approach to that disconnect between relational database development and the web.”

– Crag Jones

“I am impressed by how user-friendly Five has managed to make working with SQL.”

– Yaaseen Bodhanya

Five Features Logic

Rapidly Implement Business Logic

Create custom business logic to automate tasks, streamline data entry, or create workflows. Write JavaScript and TypeScript functions to extend your application beyond Five’s built-in features.

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Leverage Processes, Jobs, and Events

Use Five to run processes, schedule jobs or trigger actions based on events performed by your end-users. Five lets you build approval processes, automate communication, or streamline workflows by configuring in-app notifications, sending out emails, or generating PDF reports.

Full Extensibility with Full Code

Don’t be limited by visual logic builders. Write JavaScript or TypeScript functions to create business logic. From simple calculations to complex If / Else statements: Five never limits developers to what’s available out of the box.

Interpret and Debug Code with AI

Leverage powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret and debug your code – no external IDE required.

“For more complex features, we utilised TypeScript in Five’s code editor to process custom logic like calling an external API.”

– Wong Jia Hwee & Rui Qin Ng

Five Features User Interface

Cut Down the Time You Spent on Front-End Development

Five is the fastest way to go from database to web application. Five auto-generates a responsive user interface with forms, charts, dashboards, and reports. No front-end skills required.

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Rapidly Launch Responsive Web Apps

Applications build with Five are responsive web applications that run in any browser and on any device. Five auto-generates an application layout that renders well on any device: smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Easily Customize the Way Applications Look

Five lets developers easily customize the way their applications look in point-and-click or through CSS. Five also gives developer the flexibility to add their own UI plugins, written in JavaScript, to further customize their applications.

Get a Pre-Built UI Ideally Suited for Business Apps

Don’t waste time on front end development: Five provides developers with an end-user application layout that is perfectly suited for business applications, bespoke operations software, or internal tools.

“Five took away a lot of headaches of frontend development by providing a highly customizable UI and navbar alongside a MySQL database.”

– Nebiyu Elias

Five Features Hosting

Scalable, Secure and Affordable: Deploy Apps in One Click

Deploy applications in a single click to a scalable, safe, and secure infrastructure managed by Five. Share your application’s URL to deliver your application to end-users. No external web hosting required.

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Deploy Apps in a Single Click

Deliver applications to end-users in a single click. Once launched to the cloud, applications built with Five are accessible from an auto-generated, unique URL that can be shared with end users.

Provisioned with Docker, Orchestrated by Kubernetes

Focus on building your application, and not on setting up infrastructure. Host applications on Five’s managed infrastructure, powered by AWS. Five uses best-in-class deployment technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes for provisioning and auto-scaling.

Development, Testing and Production Environments

Deploy to pre-configured development, testing or production environments without having to manually configure servers or middleware. Manage your releases easily and let Five do the heavy lifting of managing your infrastructure.

“Five ability to allow for quick testing and iterations has empowered us to solve problems and deliver new functionality for clients with innovative low-code technology.”

– Paul Duggan, CEO, Canstar Gold

Five Features Security

Keep Your Data Secure on Five’s Managed Infrastructure

Use Five’s managed infrastructure to securely host your data and deploy your application.

Your Data. Your Database.

Five’s managed infrastructure comes with a dedicated MySQL database for each application. Your data is never commingled with others.

Encryption in Transit and At Rest.

Protect your sensitive data: Five follows industry-standard AES-256 data encryption and uses best practices to secure data in transit and at rest.

Back-Ups and Availability

Don’t worry about setting up data backups or disaster recovery. Five automatically backs up your data twice daily.

Five Features User Manage

Build Password-Protected Multi-User Applications

Create unique logins for every user accessing your application. Alternatively, give access via Single-Sign On (SSO). Create and assign roles and permissions. Five comes with comprehensive access control features.

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Fast Implementation of Access Control

Rapidly create login-protected multi-user applications. Use Five’s pre-built authentication feature or use Single-Sign On (SSO) to authenticate end users.

Give Access to Internal or External Users

Build for internal or external users without worrying about escalating costs. Five charges a fixed monthly fee per application for unlimited internal or external users.

Assign Roles and Permissions

Five lets developers create unique user roles. User roles can have unique permissions to database records, database tables or UI features. Assign CRUD permissions in point-and-click.

Five Features Tools

Useful Developer Tools to Accelerate Your Development

Leverage Five’s developer tools to accelerate the software development lifecycle and to go from prototype to release faster.

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Get a Full Audit Trail and Application Logs

Five automatically keeps a full audit trail of all changes made to applications.

Easily Resolve Conflicts

Don’t worry about conflicts when merging changes. Five highlights conflicts and lets developers choose which changes to merge.

Inspect and Debug

Run applications with Five’s Inspector to see which functions or queries get executed in real-time. Analyse your application logic step-by-step and debug quickly.

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