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Five’s Features

A Low-Code Development Environment
Made For Real Developers

Everything developers need to build and deploy
custom business applications


Rapidly build custom business applications at the speed of low-code and with the power of full code.


Run your application in a test environment, and quickly fix bugs with the Five inspector.


Effortlessly deploy applications to a highly-scalable cloud infrastructure.

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Build Device-Independent,
Online Database Applications

Five helps software developers build and deploy custom web applications for internal and external users.

Software developers use Five to:
Build From Scratch

Build customer-facing or internal team-member-facing business applications from scratch.

Modernize Legacy Apps

Modernize legacy applications to build maintainable cloud-native web applications.

Excel To App

Turn Microsoft Access, Excel or CSV-based processes into database-driven, scalable business applications.

Five lets software development teams manage their entire application portfolio, and each application’s deployment, right from inside its development environment.

Rapidly Build
Online Database Applications

Rapidly build online database applications with forms, dashboards & charts. With Five, software developers can quickly respond to specific business needs with custom-built internal tools.

Read, store, retrieve, process, visualize and report data to internal and external end-users. Easily assign roles and permissions for access control. Five helps develop any type of internal tool, from admin panels to human resources applications or customer support.

Translate Business Processes Into
Business Logic

Businesses are complex. Off-the-shelf software solutions often do not fulfil the requirements of internal operations. Custom software offers higher flexibility to deliver the business functionality that end-users desire.

Inside Five, software developers can easily add business logic to their application development. Five supports event-driven programming, JavaScript, and SQL for custom processes, functions, calculations, or reports.

Notify End-Users Through In-App
Notifications Or Emails

Inside Five, developers can easily integrate SMTP settings into their application to send out emails to end-users. Developers can also create in-app notifications through Five's Send Notification feature. Emails & notifications can be triggered by actions, or are time-based, and can range from confirmation emails upon form submission, sign-up confirmation emails, to sending out a custom management report every day at 9 am.

Document Your Application
And Its Use

Internal tools and business applications often suffer from a lack of documentation: both for how the application was built, and how it is supposed to be used. Five helps solve both of these problems.

Five gives developers a full audit trail of all application changes, their time stamp, and user ID. Five also makes it easy to add contextual in-app help anywhere inside an end-user application. This means that end-users will find documentation exactly where they need it.

Test Applications Before Launch

Build, test and deploy from inside Five. The process behind building internal tools or business applications can easily get messy when untested or undocumented code gets pushed to production. Five makes release management, i.e. planning, designing, scheduling, testing, deploying, and controlling software releases, easy.

Every application built with Five comes with three environments: development, testing (staging), and production. Developers can deploy to any of these environments with just a single click.

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