How Five works for the entire software development lifecycle

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Five is an application Platform as a Service, made for building data-intensive enterprise applications and supports some of the world’s most popular database management systems.


Build in no code, low code or full code, depending on your proficiency and application requirements.

Update and query databases through forms and lists, that can be created in just a few clicks.

Visualize information through powerful charts, providing business intelligence to end users.

Benefit from pre-defined automation processes that let you drive value from analytics.

Make your end-users feel at home: envelope your application in a customisable console to match your corporate branding.

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Quickly check whether your software application built in Five behaves as expected during the testing phase. Encountering something unexpected? Five will point you towards the problem, cutting down the time required for bug fixing dramatically.


Easily test your software applications in a local environment within Five.

Debug your software quickly and securely through Five’s in-built consistency checks.

Create new containerized builds in seconds to test changes to your application almost instantly.

Access Five’s comprehensive help documentation to get insights into how to improve your application at every step of the way.

Have full traceability of all edits to your application through Five’s history feature, which allows for easy revision and version control.

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Once you’re happy with the software you’ve created and its ready for production, it’s time to deploy your release! Launch your application to the public in just a few clicks.

With single-click deployment, take the hassle out of releasing your software application.


Applications in Five are automatically containerized, and no extra configuration is required.

Choose where to deploy, either in the cloud on on-premise, giving near continuous deployment and integration capabilities.

Once deployed, manage users and roles right inside your application.

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Five feature icon - monitor

Once your application is in production take it to the next step of the software development lifecycle. Five cuts down on the work required for monitoring and lets you focus on your application’s functionality.

Set up access rights, permissions, and authorisations for your end users right inside Five.


Let Five manage the infrastructure behind your application. Our software architecture can scale to your usage demands.

Software applications created in Five have highest operational speed, because of the lightweight containers they are created in.

Let your application support team, roll out or roll back almost instantly if required.

Five feature - iterate


Five feature icon - iterate

Software development is a process of continuous improvement. Through iteration, components are fine-tuned, new features are added, or bugs are resolved. Five supports your iterative software development on multiple levels:

Five users automatically benefit from the regular upgrades that we make to Five.


As a cloud-native software, our upgrading process is seamless, and application created by you will automatically be upgraded to our latest build.

Continue to improve your software application as needed, even while the software application is in use.

Respond to market trends and user requests quickly by making changes to your applications in just a few clicks.

Don’t worry about maintaining old, complicated codebases or handovers. Have a transparent way of improving your application inside Five.

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