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Introducing Five v2.6: The Fastest Way to Go From Database to Web App

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Dominik Keller
Feb 7th, 2024

Five Version 2.6: Build Responsive Web Apps in Record Time

We’re excited to introduce our latest release – Five Version 2.6, the fastest way to go from database to responsive web app.

Packed with new features to accelerate your custom business application development, v2.6 lets you go through all steps of the application development process in one platform:

  1. Get Data From Anywhere.
    Create your own MySQL database, connect to an external database, and use any RESTful API as a data source. Query your data source in standard SQL.
  2. Write Logic and Functions. Easily Reuse Code.
    Write functions in JavaScript or TypeScript and attach them to events in your end-user application.
  3. Get an Autogenerated User Interface.
    Create forms, charts, dashboards, and PDF reports on top of your database. Get a responsive, user-friendly web UI for your application without writing any additional code.
  4. Assign Roles and Permissions.
    Create unique user roles with CRUD and UI permissions. Easily add SSO to your application.
  5. Work With Handy Development Tools.
    Keep track of everything that happens in your application using Five’s pre-built audit trails. Debug applications using Five’s inspector.
  6. Deployment In One Click, Starting From US$29.99 Per App/Month.
    Deploy your application to the web for as little as US$29.99 per application/month. Get unlimited end-users and commercialize your app to your liking.

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Query, Extract, or Connect: Get Data From Anywhere

Data is the key ingredient of application development: whether you are creating a new database from scratch, connecting to an existing database, or extracting data from the web. Do it all with Five.

With an improved connection wizard, Five has the intuitiveness of the popular API platform Postman and can treat almost any REST API endpoint as a data source, including, for example, the FileMaker Data API. Extend existing applications, build web portals, or gather data online. Five is extremely flexible and easy to use when it comes to managing your application data.

Improved Charts: From Gantt Charts to Drill-Downs

Five lets you develop forms, charts, dashboards, and PDF reports for your end-user application.

We have now also added one additional chart type: Gantt charts. Build project management apps and keep track of progress visually by using our latest chart type.

Five now also supports drill-downs inside of charts. Let your users perform more in-depth analytics by interacting with their charts more intuitively. Five is the ideal solution if you are looking for something that combines Business Intelligence (BI) with web application development.

Develop Powerful PDF Reports

One of Five’s most frequently used features is our PDF report writer. The PDF report writer gives you a simple visual interface for creating dynamic PDF reports on top of your database or data source.

We have added new helper functions that make our PDF reports even more powerful. In addition, reports can now contain charts, making them a great tool for conveying information to business users.

Get the Best Developer Experience

Work collaboratively on applications and share actions with development teams.

Five now lets you import and export actions, such as forms, queries, charts, or reports as a module for use in other applications. A great feature for teams that develop applications collaboratively or a solo developer who wants to repurpose existing code, this increases code reusability and makes the development process even faster.

We also raised the limit on applications that you can maintain offline: with Five’s free download, you can prototype and locally develop and test as many applications as you would like!

Deploy Apps From As Little As US$29.99 Per Month

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