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Deploy Apps to The Cloud in a Single Click

Deploy your applications to a scalable, safe and secure cloud infrastructure in a single click.


Deploy applications to the cloud in a single click. Deliver apps to end-users even without cloud expertise.


Stop struggling with complex cloud deployment technologies and focus on what matters instead.


Get access to pre-configured development, testing and production environments.

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Deployment Made Easy

Get a unique application URL once your application is running in production.

  • Deploy your application to the cloud in a single click
  • Get a custom URL for each application
  • Don’t worry about setting up servers
  • Scalable, safe and secure
Deployment Made Easy

Five Uses the Latest Deployment Technologies

Provisioned with Docker, orchestrated by Kubernetes. Five automates your deployment.

  • Build, run, test and deploy application using Docker
  • Containers are orchestrated using Kubernetes
  • Save time and stress by letting Five handle your deployment
  • Never worry about scalability
Five Uses the Latest Deployment Technologies

Development, Testing and Production

Get access to development, testing and production environments.

  • Build your applications in a development sandbox
  • Launch applications to testing in a single click
  • Push applications to production easily
Development, Testing and Production
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