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Data Sources

Integrate and Query Almost Any Data Source

Create web applications on multiple data sources: connect your application to Five’s built-in MySQL database, external relational databases, or to any API endpoint. No matter where your data resides, Five is able to query it.


Create a fully managed MySQL database with Five. Create tables and relationships visually.


Connect to multiple data sources and query (almost) any data source, such as external databases or REST API endpoints.


Query data sources using SQL queries. Write or generate complex SQL queries the way you would in MySQL Workbench.

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Create Your Own MySQL Database

Use Five to create an online database from scratch. Every application built with Five comes with a fully managed MySQL database. Create tables, fields, and relationships visually.

  • Rapidly build a MySQL database visually
  • Create your own database model
  • Let Five manage Primary Keys, Foreign Keys and table relationships
  • Import data stored in CSV files
  • Easily manage database changes
  • Benefit from building on an integrated online database
Create Your Own MySQL Database

Connect to External Databases

Easily connect Five to any external relational database or anything with a REST endpoint.

  • Seamlessly build web apps on multiple data sources
  • Use Five to build a front-end on an existing database
  • Connect Five to anything with a REST API
  • Share data stored in your database with external applications
Connect to External Databases

Query Any Data Source

Select, insert, update, or delete data using SQL

  • Write SQL queries straight inside Five
  • Generate queries visually in Five’s drag-and-drop query builder
  • Run queries using Five’s easy-to-use and intuitive SQL interface
  • Rapidly generate charts, reports or dashboards on top of queries
Query Any Data Source
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