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Introducing Five v.2.5: New Features to Accelerate Your Custom Application Development

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Dominik Keller
Sep 25th, 2023

Five Version 2.5: Learn More About Our Latest Release

We’re excited to introduce our latest release – Five Version 2.5 – which comes packed with new features to accelerate your custom business application development.

From building applications on multiple data sources to better conflict resolution: our latest release makes it even easier to build, test, deploy, and maintain bespoke business applications.

And, as always, we are making Five available as a free download on our website. Simply sign up, download Five, and start building applications locally free of charge!

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Query Almost Any Data Source

The biggest change that we are introducing with Version 2.5 is Five’s new ability to build web applications on top of almost any data source, such as:

  1. Five’s built-in MySQL database,
  2. Data fetched from any REST API endpoint, as well as
  3. Data stored in external (relational) databases (paid subscription required).

Using Five’s new and improved web services feature, as well as its ability to connect to external databases, you can now securely connect to and query almost any data source. This can include, for example, data from popular SaaS solutions such as Xero, Quickbooks, Shopify, or even a FileMaker database.

Create PDF Reports in Five

Another frequently requested feature that is now part of Five is the ability to generate PDF reports. Developers now have access to a comprehensive report writer to generate PDF reports. PDFs can be viewed right inside of Five too, making the experience of working with PDF documents much smoother than before.

Meet Five’s AI-Powered Chatbot to Develop Better Apps Faster

Five now also comes with an AI-powered chatbot that gives you in-app guidance right where you need it.

In the past, our users could already tap into other developers’ expertise by visiting our user community (and in case you are not a member of our user community yet, we highly encourage you to join!)

Now developers working in Five can also use our AI-powered chatbot to ask questions and get guidance.

Five Version 2.5: Here Is the List of New Features

Here’s the full list of our new features:

  1. Build web applications on top of almost any data source.
  2. Easily use web services with Five’s extended REST API wizard.
  3. Resolve conflicts with optimistic locking.
  4. Access data stored in your Five application through the Five REST API.
  5. Build applications faster using Five’s AI Chatbot as your guide.
  6. Create PDF reports with our report writer.
  7. Copy & restore existing records.
  8. Keep track of your users through the improved user audit controls.
  9. Easily create configurable data views with linked parameters.

We will be releasing blog posts with more detailed descriptions of each one of these features in the coming days and weeks!

Happy coding!

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