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Dominik Keller
Oct 13th, 2023

Five welcomes Lowcode NZ, a Specialised Partner in Low-Code Development to its Affiliate Program

Five’s Affiliate Program enables partners to earn unlimited revenue from referrals. Open to app development agencies, consultants, solo developers, freelancers, tech experts, or influencers, the program is great for all those who work in custom application development. To become a partner, email us:

Meet Lowcode NZ, Your Low-Code Partner in New Zealand

Founded by Kitti Bradley and Jason Teunissen, Lowcode NZ is a New Zealand-based company specialising in low-code development.

Kittie and Jason have more than 10 years of enterprise software experience in Europe and have accumulated in-depth experience in low-code through their experience working at Mendix, one of Europe’s leading low-code companies, or implementing low-code solutions at companies large and small, such as ING, Vodafone or Vattenfall. Their in-depth background in UI/UX design makes them the ideal implementation partner for businesses looking for beautifully crafted custom software solutions.

Lowcode NZ’s philosophy is to involve end users in the creation process and to apply a design thinking methodology to make innovation happen, and they are proud to bring their implementation expertise acquired in Europe to Aussie and New Zealand businesses.

To learn more about Lowcode NZ, visit their website here!

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