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Canstar Embraces Low-Code Development, Choosing Low-Code Innovator Five As Its Partner

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Dominik Keller
Sep 21st, 2021
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Canstar embraces low-code development, choosing low-code innovator Five as its partner

21 September 2021, Brisbane. Canstar, Australia’s biggest financial comparison website, and Five, an Australian low-code company, today announce their low-code partnership.

Canstar selected Five as its low-code partner of choice for developing a B2B progressive web application. The application will be used by Canstar and its business partners to optimise their campaign performance. It includes live performance dashboards, user management and automatic in-app and email notifications.

Canstar’s use of Five has already enabled the project team to shorten the time taken to go from ideation to production-ready application. Using Five’s prebuilt software components, Canstar has built a prototype in less than one month. The rapid turnaround of the prototype build has allowed Canstar to internally demonstrate, test and iterate on their idea quickly and with minimal cost. Five’s ability to let developers inject full code also ensured that Canstar was able to fully customise the application without losing the benefits of faster application development through low-code components.

“Deliver New Functionality for Clients with Innovative Low-Code Technology”

The use of Five will also enable Canstar’s business teams to configure their end-user applications with less reliance on software developers. Applications built with Five use all tiers of coding (no code, low code & full code). This lets business teams take greater charge of applications, ensuring better business outcomes.

Five will support the roll out of its platform at Canstar through a structured onboarding and training program, giving users the tools to continue to iterate their applications in line with business goals.

Commenting on the new partnership, Canstar’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Duggan said, “Our partnership with Five has delivered strong results with more to come. Together we’ve been able to take a new approach to the way we manage and develop products at Canstar. And with the platform’s ability to allow quick testing and iterations, our business team has been empowered to solve problems and deliver new functionality for clients with innovative low-code technology”.

“Create Software Applications in a Fraction of the Time”

Mark Kefford, Five’s Founder & CEO added: “We are extremely proud to be partnering with Canstar, one of Australia’s fastest growing digital businesses, on our low-code platform, Five. Through the adoption of Five, Canstar is able to create software applications in a fraction of the time previously required.”

“We are also extremely happy to see Canstar’s business teams continuing to work with the application developed in Five. Canstar’s product owners are independently configuring and maintaining applications, freeing up valuable technical resources within the business. This approach confirms our ambitions to open up software development to the entire spectrum of business users within an application and lightens the load on the development teams.”

“We are excited to see Canstar’s next idea for an application created with Five!”

For a full testimonial, check out our Q&A with Canstar’s product managers.

About Canstar

Canstar is a leading research agency and Australia’s biggest financial comparison site*, comparing more brands than any other. Canstar’s purpose is to simplify the world of finance and help consumers confidently find the right product for them. Visit more information.


About Five

Five is the next generation of software engineering, simplified.

Founded in 2019, Five is an Australian-based low-code company with teams in Brisbane and Hong Kong. Five’s low-code application platform enables professional developers and tech-savvy business users to collaboratively build web applications using all tiers of coding: no code, low code and full code. Five’s application platform combines tried-and-tested as well as cutting-edge technologies in one platform. Visit to find out more.

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