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How To Build Responsive Web Apps With Five In Record Time

Monday, February 26th 2024 | 6pm EST

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    Five is a rapid application development environment that helps build responsive web apps on top of a SQL database or REST API (such as the FM Data API).

    During the presentation, Five's CEO Dom and Developer Advocate Pranoy will explain how to rapidly build and deploy a web application from scratch, going through all phases of the application development process: from database modeling in SQL to launching a web app with an auto-generated, responsive user interface.

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    • Accelerate Application Development:

      Discover How to Quickly Build Apps with a MySQL Database

    • Code with AI:

      Code Smarter with AI-Assisted Development Tools

    • Take your Apps to the Next Level:

      Enhance Apps with High-Performing JavaScript or TypeScript Code

    Dominik Keller
    Dominik Keller
    Co-Founder / CEO
    Pranoy Sarkar
    Pranoy Sarkar
    Developer Advocate

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