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Build Your Custom Inventory Management Dashboard With Five

With Five’s inventory management dashboard template you can have a centralized view of your company’s inventory. This information is presented in a way that’s easy to understand, using charts, graphs, and key metrics.

Having an inventory management dashboard is essential for any business dealing with physical goods, regardless of industry. Whether you’re in manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, logistics, or beyond, this applies.

Customize the FREE inventory management dashboard template with crucial inventory data. This could include stock levels, locations, values, supply chain details, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Inventory Management Dashboard: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Download the free template application.
  2. Sign up for Five's free trial.
  3. Import the free template into Five, following this video.
  4. Start working! 

An Inventory Management Dashboard is a digital tool that provides a centralized view of a company's inventory levels, performance metrics, and trends. Imagine it as a command center for your stock!

No more guesswork! The dashboard gives you a clear and up-to-date picture of your inventory levels across all locations. This real-time information helps eliminate errors and ensures you always know what you have in stock. With all the inventory data in one place, you can make informed choices about what to order, how much to order, and when to order.

An Inventory Management Dashboard is a powerful tool, but you don't want to just hand the keys to everyone. Here's who typically benefits from access, and why:

Inventory and Purchasing Managers: These are the core users. They need constant access to real-time data to manage daily tasks like restocking, placing orders, and dealing with stockouts. 

Warehouse/Store Staff: Having a clear view of inventory levels allows them to locate items quickly, fulfill orders efficiently, and conduct accurate stock counts. This saves time and reduces errors.

Finance Department: Inventory data is crucial for keeping the financial picture accurate. The dashboard helps them with tasks like reporting, forecasting, and managing cash flow.

Five's free app template can be customised so that each member of the team has their unique account, and can only manage Inventory in their territory, for example.

Build An Inventory Management Dashboard Today

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Create Your Own Inventory Dashboard

Five lets users create purpose-built MySQL databases. This enables users to create a Inventory Management Dashboard that keeps track of exactly those things that matter to the inventory process. Customize our free Inventory Management Dashboard template and add custom fields, custom charts or custom PDF reports to the application and make the Inventory Management Dashboard yours.

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Manage Inventory Professionally

Manage your entire inventory in one tool: add new equipment to your database, keep track of customer inventory and closed sales. An Inventory Management Dashboard helps businesses professionalize their interactions with customers and buyers.

Customize Your Inventory Management Dashboard

Start small with a simple Inventory Management Dashboard by using our free template application. Add more advanced features as your business grows or your sales processes become more complex. Alert staff to incoming Inventory with email notifications. Create custom dashboards to stay on top of your inventory.

What Is An Inventory Management Dashboard?

An Inventory Management Dashboard is a visual tool that provides real-time insights into a business’s inventory levels, stock movements, and product performance. It enables efficient inventory tracking, helps businesses optimize stock levels, and ensures smoother inventory management processes.

Highlights of Five’s Inventory Management Template

 Manage inventory, and staff teams.
 Stay on top of your business with a custom Inventory Management Dashboard.
 Customize your application: add forms, fields, charts, or PDF reports to monitor inventory.
 Configure email notifications and alert staff.
Customize the underlying application database and store inventory information in SQL.


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From project management tools, progress tracking apps, customer portals, and performance dashboards to functional CRUD apps, Five helps you build and deploy faster.

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