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Streamline Your Sales Monitoring With Five’s Sales Tracker Template App

Maximize your sales team’s productivity and precision with Five’s Sales Tracker Template App. This simple tool helps you keep track of your sales metrics and manage your sales cycle, from prospecting to closing. Manage sales staff, customers, and orders in our free app template.

Customize the free Sales Tracker template and add custom fields, sales metrics, or KPIs to your application. Create a custom sales dashboard or weekly sales PDF reports. Stay on top of your sales and manage sales efficiently with our free template application.

Use This Template

Custom Sales Tracker: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Download the free template application.
  2. Sign up for Five's free trial.
  3. Import the free template into Five, following this video.
  4. Start working! 

A sales tracker is a simple tool to track customers, sales and sales teams. The tool comes with charts and dashboards to track weekly sales or customers per sales staff. Sales Trackers enable sales managers and sales teams to monitor their work and stay on top of the sales metrics. 

Smaller organizations often manage sales in ad-hoc processes. A Sales Tracker increases visibility in the sales process and ensures a smooth process from prospecting to closing. It increases visibility in the sales process and visualizes key sales figures, giving sales managers a useful dashboard to stay on top of sales.

At a minimum, a sales tracker is used by the manager of the sales team. Five's free app template can be customised so that each member of the sales team has their unique account, and can only manage sales in their territory, for example. The more users contribute to the Sales Tracker, the more valuable the tool to the business.

Build A Customised Sales Tracker

Create Your Own Sales Database With Five

Five lets users create purpose-built MySQL databases. This enables users to create a Sales Tracker that keeps track of exactly those things that matter to the sales process. Customize our free Sales Tracker Tool and add custom fields, custom charts or custom PDF reports to the application and make the Sales Tracker yours. 

Manage Sales Professionally

Manage the entire sales cycle in one tool: add new customers to your database, keep track of customer interactions and closed sales. Sales Tracker Tools help businesses professionalize their interactions with customers and buyers.

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Customize Your Sales Tracker

Start small with a simple Sales Tracker by using our free template application. Add more advanced features as your business grows or your sales processes become more complex. Alert sales teams to incoming leads with email notifications. Create custom dashboards to stay on top of your sales. 

What Is a Sales Tracker Tool?

A Sales Tracker Tool is typically designed to assist sales teams and managers in effectively overseeing and analyzing their sales operations. It aims to facilitate the management of sales activities and customer interactions. By streamlining the sales process, these tools can help in organizing sales data, tracking progress, and providing insights into sales patterns. The goal is to support sales teams in improving efficiency, understanding customer needs, and potentially enhancing overall sales performance.

Highlights of Five’s Sales Tracker Template

 Manage sales, customers and sales teams.
 Stay on top of your business with a custom Sales Tracker dashboard.
 Customize your application: add forms, fields, charts, or PDF reports to monitor sales.
 Configure email notifications and alert sales teams to incoming leads.
Customize the underlying application database and store sales information in SQL.


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