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Low-Code Application Development In 1 Minute

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Dominik Keller
Jun 1st, 2023

Low-Code Application Development In 1 Minute ⚡

Time is of the essence. Especially in custom application development!

Low-Code Application Development

Here’s a one-minute video (okay, admittedly, it’s one and a half minutes) video introducing Five, its features, and how they help software engineers accelerate the delivery of custom online database applications.

Low-Code Application Development

In a nutshell, Five gives you:

  • A Visual Database Modeler for MySQL
  • IDE-like Code Editor for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Syntax Highlighting and Autocompletion
  • AI-Assisted Code Review and Debugging
  • Development, Testing, and Production Environments
  • A Full Audit Trail of all Application Changes
  • A Responsive UI Out of the Box

With Five, you never have to worry about being limited by what’s available out-of-the-box: simply add custom code where necessary.

For more videos about low-code application development using Five, check out our YouTube channel here or download Five for free to get started at!

You can also find useful documentation and a get-started guide on our documentation website

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