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Charts & Dashboards [Excel to Web App – Part 5]

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Dominik Keller
Feb 6th, 2024

Charts & Dashboards [Excel to Web App – Part 5]

Welcome to part 5 of our five-part Excel to Web App guide.

In this part, we want to add charts and dashboards to our application. Charts and dashboards help us make sense of our data. Five comes with a library of prebuilt charts, such as bar, radar, or pie charts. And they can easily be combined into sophisticated dashboards for business intelligence and analytics.

So let’s learn how to build a chart on top of our data.

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This blog post is part 5 of a 5-part series on converting Excel spreadsheets to web apps. To view the other parts, follow the links here:

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Building Charts in Five

Step 1: Creating a Chart

To create a chart in your application, open Five, click on your application, and then on Manage.

Five.Co - Excel to Web App - Manage Button

Next, click on Visual > Chart Wizard. Here’s what Five’s Chart Wizard looks like:

Let’s say we want to create a chart that displays our products on the X-axis, and quantities on the Y-axis.

  1. Give your chart a title, such as Inventory Chart.
  2. Pick your data source, i.e. the Inventory table.
  3. Define your X Value Column, i..e Product.
  4. Define your Y Value Column, i.e. Quantity
  5. Give your chart area a title. Let’s go with Inventory Chart again. Toggle Show Chart Area Title on.
  6. Select a Chart Type. We will stick with a Bar Chart.
  7. Last, save by clicking the Tick icon in the top right corner.

Here’s what your chart settings should look like:

Five.Co - Excel to Web App - Inventory Chart

Step 2: Adding a Chart to Your App

Now let’s add the chart we have just created to our application.

  1. Click on Visual > Menus.
  2. Click the yellow Plus icon to create a new menu item in your app.
  3. For Caption, write Inventory Chart.
  4. For Menu Order, write 2
  5. In the Action dropdown select InventoryChart (Chart).
  6. Last, save by clicking the Tick icon in the top right corner.

Here’s what your menu item should look like:

Now, let’s launch our application to see what we have developed. As usual, run the app by clicking the Run ▶️ button in the top right corner.

Here’s what the chart looks like in our application.

Step 3: Building Dashboards

We have just successfully added a chart to our application. But let’s say we’re not quite happy with the result: a single chart occupies our entire screen, the colors seem a bit odd, and our end-users are demanding something more powerful.

That’s where dashboards come in. By using Five’s dashboarding feature, we can create beautiful dashboards that combine charts, reports, and drill-downs all in one page.

Here’s an example of a dashboard that combines a radar chart with a bar chart and a data report all on one page. Of course, we can also create combined charts (such as a bar chart with a line chart on top) or create drill-downs into charts where data dynamically changes.

Five.Co - Dashboard Created in Five

To build a dashboard, you first need more than one chart. Since we have just shown you how to create charts, we won’t go through the steps again. Simply follow the steps above.

To create a dashboard,

  1. Click on Visual > Dashboards.
  2. Click the yellow Plus icon to create a new dashboard.
  3. Give your dashboard a Title such as Analytics Dashboard.
  4. Define the number of Columns and Rows in your dashboard. Let’s go with 2 columns and 2 rows.

Next, click on Actions and then on the Plus icon, as shown in the image below.

Five will now ask you to define a Page Position and an Action. Page Position translates the grid you have just defined (remember our 2 rows and 2 columns?) into a user interface. Action lists out all your charts, forms, and other actions that you have created in Five.

Here’s how we have defined our page positions and actions:

Last, save by clicking the Tick icon in the top right corner.

There’s one more step: we need to add our dashboard to our application menu. Simply follow the step 2 above to do so.

Now, let’s run the app again to see what we have developed. Click on Run ▶️ in the top right corner to preview your app. Here’s what our dashboard looks like:

Charts and Dashboards: Expansions

We now have a working application with a form, a chart, and a dashboard.

If you don’t like the way your dashboard looks, play around with the colors, titles, or chart types. There are plenty of customization options available to build the dashboard you need! You can also add an “export to CSV” feature to your application, for example.

Finding Help in Five

In case you get stuck during the development process, we’re here to help! Continue developing your application by accessing these resources:

  1. Five’s User Community: Visit to ask questions or get inspiration from other users.
  2. Five’s Documentation: Visit to access Five’s comprehensive documentation.

Five’s In-App Help

Last, find useful tips for your application development by clicking on Five’s in-app help available in the top right corner or on almost any field.

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