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The 5 Best Software Engineering Podcasts

Ryan Forrester
Aug 1st, 2023
the 5 best software engineering podcast

Here Are Our 5 Must-Listen-To Software Engineering Podcasts

With an avalanche of information available at the touch of a button, finding high-quality and relevant resources can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a digital haystack.

For developers seeking to expand their knowledge, software engineering podcasts offer a versatile and accessible medium to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving tech landscape. But which ones are worth tuning into?

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 best software engineering podcasts, complete with our favorite episodes, a brief history, and an objective measure of popularity. We’ll also delve into why these podcasts have found a place in our regular listening routine and who would most benefit from each of them.

1. Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily is one of the Best Software Engineering Podcasts

Brief History and Popularity: ‘Software Engineering Daily’ was started by Jeff Meyerson in 2015. It’s an incredibly prolific show with a new episode virtually every weekday, focusing on a variety of topics from big data to cloud services, programming languages to AI, and everything in between.

Why We Like It: The podcast stands out due to its comprehensive coverage of technical topics, coupled with insights into tech companies’ operations, and conversations with industry leaders. The daily episodes ensure a constant flow of fresh material, making it a vibrant source of knowledge for any software engineer.

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Ideal Audience: With its wide-ranging content, ‘Software Engineering Daily’ suits both novice and seasoned software engineers. Beginners can get a sense of the industry’s landscape, while experienced engineers can dive deep into specific technologies and practices.

Favorite Episodes: Choosing just a few standout episodes is challenging, but two that remain memorable are ‘Software Engineering at Google with Titus Winters’ and ‘Software Supply Chain with Feross Aboukhadijeh.’ The former provides a fascinating look into Google’s approach to software development and how they manage an incredibly large mono repo. The latter, meanwhile, shines a light on common supply chain attacks and how to avoid them – crucial knowledge for anyone in the tech sphere.

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2. Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio is one of the Best Software Engineering Podcasts

Brief History and Popularity: Started in 2006 by Markus Völter, ‘Software Engineering Radio’ is one of the longest-running podcasts in the field. The show is very popular and has over 570+ episodes in its archive. Each episode is a deep dive into a specific topic, often featuring industry leaders and experts.

Why We Like It: The podcast’s longevity is a testament to its quality. Its approach to tackling one topic per episode allows for in-depth exploration, often presenting complex subjects in an understandable and engaging way.

Ideal Audience: Given its in-depth analysis of topics, ‘Software Engineering Radio’ is ideally suited to mid-level to advanced software engineers interested in expanding their knowledge on specific themes or gaining insights into new technologies and trends.

Favorite Episode: Our standout episode from ‘Software Engineering Radio’ has to be ‘Episode 533: Eddie Aftandilian on GitHub Copilot.’ The discussion on how GitHub Copilot, the AI pair programmer, was developed is both engaging and insightful, giving listeners a deep understanding of how this game-changing tool works.

If you would like to learn more about AI’s impact on developer productivity, or which AI tool to choose as your AI pair programmer, check out our blog posts on these topics.

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3. Developer Tea

Developer Tea is one of the Best Software Engineering Podcasts

Brief History and Popularity: Developer Tea was launched in 2015 by Jonathan Cutrell, who brings his experience as a director of technology at PBS and co-founder of to the table. Known for its short, yet comprehensive episodes, this podcast provides invaluable insights on a range of topics relevant to developers in 10-20 minutes.

Why We Like It: Developer Tea’s concise format is appealing to those who wish to utilize their short breaks effectively. The podcast addresses not only technical aspects but also talks about personal growth, career tips, and life philosophies within the software development context. The topics discussed are relatable and valuable to a wide audience.

Ideal Audience: Developer Tea caters to web and software developers across the spectrum. Whether you’re an aspiring developer or a seasoned professional, the insights shared on this podcast can enhance your understanding of the field and promote personal and professional growth.

Favorite Episodes: Recent episodes have touched upon various engaging topics: “Using the Accountability Triangle When Diagnosing A Failure” (July 13, 2023) introduces a mental model for holding accountability structures. A favorite amongst listeners has been “Going Beyond Simply Fixing Failures” (Aug 9, 2019). In this episode, the focus is on the importance of failure in the process of improvement and how it can aid programmers to evolve beyond just being problem solvers to being overall better developers.

And many more that strike a balance between technical knowledge and personal development.

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4. CodeNewbie

CodeNewbie is one of the Best Software Engineering Podcasts

Brief History and Popularity: CodeNewbie was founded by Saron Yitbarek in 2014, aiming to facilitate the learning journey of beginners in the tech industry. As of 31 July 2023, CodeNewbie has 341 episodes.

Why We Like It: CodeNewbie’s strength lies in its accessible content and the empathy for new coders that resonates through every episode. It offers invaluable insights into a variety of tech-related topics, bringing real-life experiences, struggles, and victories from different industry professionals to the table.

Ideal Audience: This podcast is perfect for people who are new to coding and those making a career transition into tech. It’s also useful for seasoned coders who wish to stay in touch with the beginners’ perspective.

Favorite Episodes: A standout episode is the one titled “From music to code with Madison Kanna” where Madison shares her journey from fashion model to full-stack developer, underlining the reality that there is no ‘set path’ to becoming a programmer. This episode encapsulates why CodeNewbie is a recommended choice for anyone seeking beginner-friendly software engineering podcasts.

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5. The Changelog

The Changelog is one of the Best Software Engineering Podcasts

Brief History and Popularity: Emerging in 2009, The Changelog quickly solidified its reputation as one of the go-to software engineering podcasts for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Crafted by Wynn Netherland and Adam Stacoviak, this podcast dives deep into the open-source software universe. As of 2023, The Changelog enjoys a broad listenership, with thousands of software engineering enthusiasts tuning in via Spotify and other platforms.

Why We Like It: The Changelog’s detailed conversations and interviews with contributors to open-source software offer listeners the chance to learn from the experiences of industry veterans and visionaries. The range of topics covered ensures there’s always something new and valuable to glean.

Ideal Audience: This podcast is a great resource for software developers, particularly those interested in open-source software. It’s also appealing to anyone keen on understanding the thoughts and processes of leading figures in the tech industry.

Favorite Episodes: One memorable episode is “The Pragmatic Programmers” where Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt discuss their iconic book “The Pragmatic Programmer”, providing listeners with timeless advice on software development. This episode is a great example of why The Changelog is a popular choice for anyone looking for insightful and enlightening software engineering podcasts.

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Throughout this article, we have journeyed through a curated selection of podcasts specifically designed for software engineers and those interested in the field. We’ve seen the breadth and depth that these podcasts offer, covering everything from coding basics and software architecture to industry trends and personal developer experiences.

Starting with the Software Engineering Daily, we got to understand how its wide coverage makes it a comprehensive source of industry knowledge. The unique, open-minded approach of Developer Tea stimulates creativity and innovative thinking, while Software Engineering Radio provides technical insights directly from industry professionals.

CodeNewbie offers a welcoming platform for beginners and emphasizes the importance of a supportive learning community, and The Changelog shines a spotlight on the open-source community, offering insights into the thoughts and processes of tech industry leaders.

In closing, the world of software development is vast and continually evolving. As such, the need for continuous learning and adapting cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a newbie coder, or simply tech-curious, these software engineering podcasts offer a way to stay updated, gain new knowledge, and challenge your thinking.

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