Five Enters X-PITCH Semi-Finals As A Global Top 150 Start-Up
Dominik Keller
Sep 17th, 2021

Today, Five was shortlisted as a top 150 start-up by X-PITCH 2021, The X Games for start-ups, entering the global start-up competition’s semi-finals.

X-PITCH brings together outstanding start-ups worldwide to highlight the concept of “Tech for Good” and digital transformation.

Five - X-PITCH Top 150

Five’s 60 second pitch on the X-PITCH Top 150 website

The top 150 semi-finalists, who were selected from 3,680 startups in 42 countries will pitch their applications and services to a selected panel of judges later this year. This year’s focus of X-PITCH is on enabling digital transformation around five major categories of the New Normal.

Five is proud to be recognized as a top 150 start-up. It’s idea of a low-code platform designed will help real developers build and launch device-independent web applications faster. This will help organizations and businesses create better applications faster.

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